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What does Beachbody Company do?
Beachbody Company (NYSE:BODY) specializes in health and fitness, focusing on providing a wide range of in-home fitness and weight loss solutions. The company's diverse offerings include digital streaming workout programs, nutritional supplements like its popular Shakeology, and an extensive line of fitness gear and accessories. With a mission to help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life, Beachbody is committed to innovation and community support, fostering a vibrant online community to motivate and inspire its members. Its project and program development are geared towards expanding its digital presence and enhancing user engagement through personalized fitness and nutrition plans.
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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Beachbody Company?

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California, United States

What year was Beachbody Company founded?

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Year Founded
What does Beachbody Company specialise in?
/Fitness Programs /Health Supplements /Online Streaming /Workout Equipment /Nutrition Guides /Wellness Community

What are the products and/or services of Beachbody Company?

Overview of Beachbody Company offerings
Beachbody on Demand offers streaming access to hundreds of workouts, nutrition plans, and coaching.
Shakeology provides a line of nutritional meal replacement shakes designed to support weight loss and improve energy levels.
21 Day Fix is a fitness and nutrition program promising results in three weeks through portion control and daily 30-minute workouts.
P90X is an intense home fitness system designed to get users in the best shape of their lives in just 90 days through diverse and rigorous workouts.
INSANITY is a high-intensity workout program that focuses on max interval training over 60 days for dramatic fitness results.
80 Day Obsession is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program designed to sculpt the body through specific workouts and meal plans over 80 days.

Who is in the executive team of Beachbody Company?

Beachbody Company leadership team
  • Mr. Carl D. Daikeler
    Mr. Carl D. Daikeler
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Marc  Suidan
    Mr. Marc Suidan
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Kathy P. Vrabeck
    Ms. Kathy P. Vrabeck
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Michael  Neimand
    Mr. Michael Neimand
    President of Beachbody
  • Mr. Mark R. Goldston
    Mr. Mark R. Goldston
    Executive Chairman
  • Edward  Plank
    Edward Plank
    Group Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Jonathan  Gelfand
    Mr. Jonathan Gelfand
    EVP of Business & Legal Affairs, Talent Management. Corporate Secretary and IP Development
  • Mr. Kit Q. Boyd
    Mr. Kit Q. Boyd
    Chief Supply Chain Officer