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What does Bayfirst Financial do?
Bayfirst Financial (NASDAQ:BAFN) is a Tampa-based financial institution specializing in a broad array of banking services, including personal and commercial banking solutions, mortgage services, and wealth management. The company primarily focuses on fostering strong community ties, providing personalized financial advice, and supporting local businesses to drive economic growth. Through its various projects, Bayfirst Financial aims to achieve sustainable profitability while maintaining its commitment to exceptional customer service and community development.
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What sector is Bayfirst Financial in?

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Where is the head office for Bayfirst Financial ?

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Head Office
Tampa, United States

What year was Bayfirst Financial founded?

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Year Founded
What does Bayfirst Financial specialise in?
/Investment Services /Wealth Management /Financial Planning /Retirement Solutions /Business Financing /Insurance Services

What are the products and/or services of Bayfirst Financial ?

Overview of Bayfirst Financial offerings
Comprehensive retail banking services, including checking, savings accounts, and personal loans to meet customer financial needs.
Business banking solutions offering loans, lines of credit, and treasury management services for businesses of all sizes.
Mortgage lending services providing a variety of home loan options to assist customers in buying or refinancing their homes.
Digital banking platform offering online and mobile banking solutions for convenient account management and transactions.
Wealth management and investment services designed to help individuals and families plan for their financial future.
Commercial real estate lending services catering to developers and investors for financing property purchases and developments.

Who is in the executive team of Bayfirst Financial ?

Bayfirst Financial leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas G. Zernick
    Mr. Thomas G. Zernick
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Robin L. Oliver
    Ms. Robin L. Oliver
    President & COO
  • Mr. Scott J. McKim
    Mr. Scott J. McKim
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Ms. Rhonda S. Tudor C.P.A.
    Ms. Rhonda S. Tudor C.P.A.
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. John A. Macaluso
    Mr. John A. Macaluso
    Executive VP & CTO
  • Mr. Thomas G. Quale
    Mr. Thomas G. Quale
    Executive VP, Market President & Chief Lending Officer
  • Mr. Lewis O. Benner Jr.
    Mr. Lewis O. Benner Jr.
    Executive VP & Chief Credit Officer
  • Ms. Brandi Nicole Jaber
    Ms. Brandi Nicole Jaber
    President of Residential Mortgage Division