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What is Bathurst Resources Limited about?
Bathurst Resources (ASX:BRL) is a New Zealand-based coal mining company. The company's operations are focused on the South Island of New Zealand, where it has three operating mines: Canterbury, Stockton, and Takitimu. Bathurst Resources' produces a range of coal products, including hard coking coal, semi-soft coking coal, and thermal coal. The company's coal products are exported to Japan, India, and other Asian countries.
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Where is the head office for Bathurst Resources Limited?

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Wellington, New Zealand

What year was Bathurst Resources Limited founded?

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What does Bathurst Resources Limited specialise in?
/Coal /Coking coal /Metallurgical coal /Steel /Mining /Energy
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    Wellington, New Zealand
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What are Bathurst Resources Limited’s services?
Overview of Bathurst Resources Limited offerings
Cascade Mine: Previously produced semi-soft coking coal for New Zealand cement manufacturers, but was closed in 2015.
Escarpment Mine: Home to some of the world’s most valuable hard coking coal for steelmaking. Currently in the process of recommencing operations.
Maramarua mine: Located in the Waikato region of New Zealand producing a low-ash, low sulphur thermal coal for the domestic market.
Rotawaro Mine: The Rotowaro coalfield and opencast mine is the second largest opencast coal mine in New Zealand. The coal is low ash, low sulphur thermal coal.
Stockton Coal Mine: Opencast coal mine producing high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal.
Takitimu mine: Takitimu contains one of the few remaining pockets of sub-bituminous coal in the region, where coal has been produced for over 140 years.
Who is in the Bathurst Resources Limited executive team?
Bathurst Resources Limited leadership team
  • Mr. Richard  Tacon
    Mr. Richard Tacon
    CEO & Exec. Director
  • Mr. Russell Lee Scott Middleton B.Bus., F.Fin, FCPA, GAICD, M.B.A.
    Mr. Russell Lee Scott Middleton B.Bus., F.Fin, FCPA, GAICD, M.B.A.
    CFO & Exec. Director
  • Sam  Johnstone
    Sam Johnstone
    Gen. Mang. of Marketing & Logistics
  • Ms. Carmen  Dunick
    Ms. Carmen Dunick
    Group Mang. of People & Culture
  • Ms. Larissa  Brown
    Ms. Larissa Brown
    Company Sec.
  • Dr. James  Pope
    Dr. James Pope