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Barton Gold (ASX:BGD) is a gold exploration and development company focused on its Tarcoola and Tunkillia Gold Projects in South Australia. Barton does not currently have any operating mines, but it is undertaking a significant exploration program across its projects.
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Adelaide, Australia

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/Gold /Exploration /South Australia /Resources /Mining

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Overview of Barton Gold offerings
Tarcoola Gold Project: located in the Gawler Craton, one of the world's most prolific gold provinces. Barton is currently exploring the project for new gold discoveries and expanding existing resources.
Tunkillia Gold Project: located approximately 100km north of the Tarcoola Gold Project. Barton acquired the project in 2020 and has since defined a maiden JORC Mineral Resource of 1.15 million ounces of gold at 0.94 grams per tonne gold.
The Challenger Project: situated approximately 730km northwest of Adelaide, South Australia, and 130km northwest of the Tarcoola Project, includes the Challenger Mine, the Challenger Mill, a mining village, and related facilities.

Who is in the executive team of Barton Gold ?

Barton Gold leadership team
  • Mr. Alexander W. Scanlon
    Mr. Alexander W. Scanlon
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Marc  Twining B.Sc.
    Mr. Marc Twining B.Sc.
    General Manager Exploration
  • Mr. Davies  Chisenga
    Mr. Davies Chisenga
    Financial Controller
  • Mr. Ian  Garsed
    Mr. Ian Garsed
    Principal Geologist
  • Ms. Shannon Louise Coates A.C.I.S., ACS, B.A., BJuris, GAICD, GIA (cert), L.
    Ms. Shannon Louise Coates A.C.I.S., ACS, B.A., BJuris, GAICD, GIA (cert), L.
    Company Secretary