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What does Bannix Acquisition do?
Bannix Acquisition (NASDAQ:BNIX) operates as a special purpose acquisition company, aimed at executing mergers, capital stock exchanges, asset acquisitions, stock purchases, and reorganizations. This firm focuses on identifying and combining with businesses in the tech sector, aiming to facilitate growth and innovation. Bannix Acquisition's objectives include leveraging its management's industry experience to find and integrate promising technology enterprises, thereby providing value to its shareholders and the broader market. Its projects often involve intricate negotiations and strategic planning to ensure seamless mergers and acquisitions, positioning Bannix Acquisition as a facilitator of technological advancement and corporate growth.
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Where is the head office for Bannix Acquisition ?

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West Hollywood, United States

What year was Bannix Acquisition founded?

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What does Bannix Acquisition specialise in?
/Special Purpose /Acquisition Company /Investment Management /Financial Services /Capital Allocation /Business Mergers

What are the products and/or services of Bannix Acquisition ?

Overview of Bannix Acquisition offerings
Raise Capital: SPACs raise money through an IPO, selling shares to investors.
Search for Target: After going public, the SPAC searches for a private company to acquire.
Acquisition & Merger: Once a target is identified, the SPAC merges with the private company, taking it public.

Who is in the executive team of Bannix Acquisition ?

Bannix Acquisition leadership team
  • Mr. Douglas Landers Davis
    Mr. Douglas Landers Davis
    Co- Chairman, CEO, Secretary and Principal Executive, Accounting & Financial Officer
  • Mr. Sudeesh  Yezhuvath B. Tech, B.Tech.
    Mr. Sudeesh Yezhuvath B. Tech, B.Tech.
    Chief Operating Officer