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What does Bad Idea AI do?
Bad Idea AI (CRYPTO:BAD) is a decentralized experiment that combines Blockchain, Artificial intelligence (AI), and Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The project aims to explore the intersection of technology and social experiments by testing the potential and risks of AI in shaping society. BAD is a meme coin, but the creators stress that it is for "education and entertainment purposes only". The project is governed by a combination of AI and human DAOs. The AI is responsible for analyzing data, assessing risks, and formulating strategies. The human DAOs are responsible for proposing, debating, and voting on the project's direction. Bad Idea AI is still under development, but it has already launched a number of projects, including an AI-powered governance system that allows BAD holders to vote on proposals and participate in the decision-making process, A DAO-based treasury that funds community-driven projects, and a series of educational resources about AI and blockchain technology.
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