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What does AXIS Token do?
AXIS Token (CRYPTO:AXIS) is a multi-purpose utility token fueling the industry-first LaneAxis Brokerless Direct Freight Network. Its operations encompass the development and maintenance of its blockchain-based freight network, the issuance and management of the AXIS token, and the creation of a decentralised ecosystem for shippers, carriers, and other supply chain participants. AXIS's projects include expanding its network coverage to more regions and transportation modes, integrating with various logistics systems, and developing innovative solutions for enhancing supply chain efficiency and transparency. The project fosters a strong community of AXIS token holders, network participants, and industry partners to drive its growth and adoption. AXIS's objective is to revolutionise the global freight industry by eliminating costly intermediaries, reducing empty truck miles, and providing real-time shipment tracking and data insights. It believes that by leveraging blockchain technology, AXIS can create a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable supply chain for businesses worldwide.
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