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Axelar (CRYPTO:AXL) is a decentralized network driven by the secure and efficient consensus mechanism, Tendermint, facilitating cross-chain communication and interoperability. Users can seamlessly transfer assets, engage with smart contracts, and send messages across diverse blockchains. Axelar's permissionless network of validators governs its operations. Axelar boasts an array of products and services, including AxelarNet for cross-chain communication, AxelarSwap for decentralized asset swaps, AxelarBridge to transfer assets between Ethereum and other blockchains, and AxelarAPI for developers to construct cross-chain applications. Axelar is deeply involved in various initiatives, such as the Axelar Grants Program offering financial support to application developers and Axelar Academy, an educational platform for learning about the network. Axelar's core objectives are to simplify cross-chain asset transfers, promote cross-chain application adoption, and enhance interoperability and connectivity in the blockchain ecosystem.
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Waterloo, Canada

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/Base Ecosystem /Binance Labs Portfolio /Coinbase Ventures Portfolio /Ethereum Ecosystem /Galaxy Digital Portfolio /Interoperability /Polychain Capital Portfolio

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Overview of Axelar offerings
Axelar Academy: The educational platform equips individuals with resources to learn about Axelar's network, enabling them to harness its capabilities effectively and drive adoption in the blockchain ecosystem.
Axelar API: Developers can leverage AxelarAPI to build cross-chain applications and unlock the potential of interoperable blockchain solutions.
Axelar Bridge: This service allows users to transfer assets effortlessly between Ethereum and other blockchains, expanding their possibilities in the crypto world.
Axelar Grants Program: Axelar supports developers by providing financial aid for applications built on its network, fostering innovation and growth.
Axelar Network: Axelar's decentralized network ensures seamless cross-chain communication and interoperability, enabling users to connect and transact across diverse blockchains.
Axelar Swap: AxelarSwap is a decentralized exchange that empowers users to seamlessly swap assets across different blockchains, enhancing liquidity and flexibility.

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Axelar leadership team
  • Georgios Vlachos
    Georgios Vlachos
  • Sergey Gorbunov
    Sergey Gorbunov

Axelar investors

Axelar investors
Binance Labs
Binance Labs
Coinbase Ventures
Coinbase Ventures
Dragonfly Capital
Dragonfly Capital
Galaxy Digital
Galaxy Digital
Polychain Capital
Polychain Capital