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AXEL (CRYPTO:AXEL) is a forward-thinking technology company that places a paramount focus on user privacy and data security. Their mission is to envision and create a superior digital future, and they are achieving this by providing a cutting-edge data custody solution that leverages decentralized and distributed computing technology. The core of AXEL's operations is to empower users with control over their data while safeguarding them from data breaches and surveillance. This is executed through a range of features, including decentralized data storage, encrypted data sharing, and user-friendly data privacy management tools. By avoiding single-server storage, AXEL offers an inherently more secure solution. In addition to their operational aspects, AXEL is dedicated to executing a series of projects and initiatives to augment the value of their products and services, such as continuous feature development, strategic partnerships, and public education on the significance of data privacy and security. AXEL is poised to become a major player in the data custody industry, underpinned by strong governance through the AXEL Network.
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San Francisco, California

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Advocacy: AXEL advocates for policies and regulations that protect data privacy and consumer rights.
Certification: AXEL offers a certification program for data privacy professionals.
Collaboration: AXEL collaborates with other organizations to promote data privacy and ethical leadership.
Education: AXEL offers a variety of educational resources, including articles, blog posts, and webinars, to help people learn about the importance of data privacy and how to protect their data.
Research: AXEL conducts research on data privacy issues and publishes reports on its findings.
Tools and Resources: AXEL provides a variety of tools and resources to help people protect their data privacy, such as a data privacy self-assessment tool and a template for creating a data privacy policy.