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What does Avantis Core Fixedome ETF do?
Avantis Core Fixed Income ETF (NYSEARCA:AVIG) is a financial entity focused on offering investors comprehensive exposure to high-quality, income-generating assets. The company meticulously builds its portfolio to include a diverse array of fixed income securities, aiming to generate attractive returns with controlled risk exposure. The primary objective revolves around leveraging advanced research and systematic strategies to offer better risk-adjusted returns, making it a viable choice for investors seeking to enhance their income portfolio. As of now, Avantis Core Fixed Income ETF lists its shares exclusively on the NYSE Arca, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of investors seeking to capitalize on the fixed income market.
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Los Angeles, United States

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/Investment Services /Fixed Income /ETF Management /Financial Planning /Risk Management /Portfolio Diversification

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Overview of Avantis Core Fixedome ETF offerings
Low-cost, diversified fixed income investments aimed at delivering long-term income and capital appreciation.
An ETF focused on high credit quality bonds to manage risk and improve portfolio stability.
Active management approach to seek additional returns over broad fixed income markets.
Tax-efficient bond investing strategy to optimize after-tax returns for investors.
Solutions for exposure to various bond durations to match investors' income needs and risk tolerance.
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focused fixed income strategies for socially responsible investing.