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What does Avalo Therapeutics do?
Avalo Therapeutics (NASDAQ:AVTX) focuses on discovering and developing innovative treatments for patients suffering from complex autoimmune and rare diseases. The company’s operations are mainly concentrated on advancing its pipeline of unique drug candidates through various stages of clinical trials, with the aim to provide new, effective options for conditions with high unmet medical needs. Avalo's projects span a wide range of disorders, including but not limited to, immunology and rare diseases, where the goal is to significantly improve patients' quality of life. Avalo is dedicated to achieving breakthroughs in treatment through rigorous research, clinical development, and strategic collaborations.
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What sector is Avalo Therapeutics in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Avalo Therapeutics?

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Head Office
Maryland, United States

What year was Avalo Therapeutics founded?

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What does Avalo Therapeutics specialise in?
/Cancer Therapies /Immunological Disorders /Lead Program AVB-500 /Clinical Stage Company /Biopharmaceutical Services /Pharmaceutical Research

What are the products and/or services of Avalo Therapeutics?

Overview of Avalo Therapeutics offerings
AVTX-002, an investigational therapy for Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
AVTX-007, a potential treatment for asthma and allergic diseases by addressing imbalances in the immune system.
AVTX-006, exploring novel approaches for rare diseases with a focus on genetic disorders.
Research partnership projects with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop next-generation biologics.

Who is in the executive team of Avalo Therapeutics?

Avalo Therapeutics leadership team
  • Dr. Garry A. Neil M.D.
    Dr. Garry A. Neil M.D.
    Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
  • Mr. Christopher Ryan Sullivan
    Mr. Christopher Ryan Sullivan
    CFO & Head of Investor relations
  • Dr. Solomon H. Snyder M.D.
    Dr. Solomon H. Snyder M.D.
    Founder and Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board
  • Dr. Barbara S. Slusher Ph.D.
    Dr. Barbara S. Slusher Ph.D.
    Founder and Member of Scientific Advisory Board
  • Dr. Lisa  Hegg Ph.D.
    Dr. Lisa Hegg Ph.D.
    Senior Vice President of Program Management, Corporate Infrastructure & Clinical Operations
  • Ms. Colleen  Matkowski
    Ms. Colleen Matkowski
    Senior Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
  • Dr. Dino C. Miano Ph.D.
    Dr. Dino C. Miano Ph.D.
    Senior Vice President of CMC & Technical Operations