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Automata Network (CRYPTO:ATA) is a modular attestation layer for Web3 that provides a privacy middleware layer for dApps across multiple blockchains. Automata's products include Witness, Conveyor, and Librarian, which enable anonymous voting, MEV prevention, and privacy for data query and indexing on public blockchains. Automata is also working on Automata 2.0, Automata Bridge, and Automata SDK to make it easier for developers to build privacy-preserving applications on Web3. The main objective of Automata Network is to provide the tools and infrastructure necessary to build a more private and secure Web3. The team believes that privacy is essential for the adoption of Web3, and they are committed to making it easy for developers to build privacy-preserving applications.
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/Binance Launchpool /Polkadot Ecosystem

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Overview of Automata Network offerings
Anonymous voting: Witness allows users to vote anonymously in DAOs without revealing their identity or voting preferences. This is important for ensuring the integrity and fairness of DAO governance.
Cross-chain privacy: Automata Bridge will allow users to transfer assets between different blockchains while preserving their privacy. This is important for enabling privacy-preserving interoperability between different blockchains.
MEV prevention: Conveyor helps dApps to minimize the impact of MEV (miner extractable value) attacks. MEV attacks can be very costly for dApp users, so Conveyor is an important tool for protecting users.
Modular attestation: Automata 2.0 will enable dApps to verify the authenticity and integrity of data without revealing the underlying data itself. This is a powerful tool for building privacy-preserving applications.
Privacy for data query and indexing: Librarian allows dApps to query and index data on public blockchains without revealing the underlying data itself. This is important for protecting the privacy of users and their data.
Privacy-preserving SDK: Automata SDK provides developers with the tools they need to build privacy-preserving applications on Automata. This makes it easy for developers to build privacy-preserving applications without having to reinvent the wheel.