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Australian Vanadium (ASX:AVL) is an Australian mining and exploration company focused on developing the Australian Vanadium Project, a world-class vanadium deposit in Western Australia. Vanadium is a key ingredient in vanadium batteries, which are expected to play a major role in the transition to a clean energy economy. Australian Vanadium's operations are focused on the development of the Australian Vanadium Project, which is 43 km south of Meekathara, Western Australia. The company has completed a feasibility study for the project and is currently seeking funding to commence construction.
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Perth, Australia

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/Vanadium /Mining /Resources /Western Australia /Batteries /Energy

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Developing the Australian Vanadium Project: The Project consists of a high-grade V-Ti-Fe deposit, and 15 tenements covering approximately 200 sq km.
Producing high-purity vanadium pentoxide: Australian Vanadium intends to produce high-purity vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), which is a key ingredient in vanadium batteries. V2O5 is also used in a variety of other applications, including steelmaking, catalysts, and chemicals.
Partnering with leading companies to develop and commercialise vanadium battery technology: Australian Vanadium is partnering with leading companies to develop and commercialise vanadium battery technology. Vanadium batteries are a promising energy storage technology for a variety of applications, including renewable energy integration, grid-scale energy storage, and electric vehicles.
Committed to sustainable and ethical mining practices: Australian Vanadium is committed to sustainable and ethical mining practices. The company is working to minimise the environmental impact of its operations and to support the local communities in which it operates.

Who is in the executive team of Australian Vanadium?

Australian Vanadium leadership team
  • Mr. Graham  Arvidson
    Mr. Graham Arvidson
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Thomas  Plant
    Mr. Thomas Plant
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Todd  Richardson B.Sc.
    Mr. Todd Richardson B.Sc.
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Louis  Mostert
    Mr. Louis Mostert
    Chief Legal Officer, Commercial Officer & Joint Company Secretary
  • Mr. Ross  Jennings
    Mr. Ross Jennings
    Chief Safety & People Officer
  • Mr. Neville John Bassett A.M., AM, B.Bus., F.C.A., FCA
    Mr. Neville John Bassett A.M., AM, B.Bus., F.C.A., FCA
    Joint Company Secretary