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Australian Rare Earths (ASX:AR3) is a listed mineral exploration company focused on the development of its globally significant clay-hosted rare earth element project at Koppamurra in South Australia and Victoria, Australia. The Koppamurra project has the potential to be a major new source of rare earths, which are critical minerals essential for the production of clean energy technologies and other high-tech products. AR3 is currently in the definition phase of the Koppamurra project, which is focused on completing the necessary technical studies to support the development of a mining operation.
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Adelaide, Australia

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/Mineral /Rare earth element /Exploration /REE /Mining /Resources

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Koppamurra Project: includes all crucial rare earth elements for rare earth permanent magnets. It holds a substantial JORC Resource of 81.4Mt at 785ppm TREO (Total Rare Earths Oxide), with a clay-hosted deposit.

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Australian Rare Earths leadership team
  • Mr. Travis  Beinke
    Mr. Travis Beinke
    CEO, MD & Director
  • Mr. Noel  Whitcher
    Mr. Noel Whitcher
    CFO & Joint Company Secretary
  • Mr. Rickie James Pobjoy B.Sc.
    Mr. Rickie James Pobjoy B.Sc.
    Technical Director & Executive Director