Australian Finance Group Ltd

What is Australian Finance Group Ltd about?
AFG (ASX:AFG) is an Australian financial services company that provides a range of services, including home loans, investment loans, commercial loans, personal loans, financial planning, and insurance. AFG is a leading mortgage broker in Australia, and it also has a significant presence in the investment and commercial lending markets. AFG's current focus is on continuing to grow its mortgage broking business and expanding its range of financial services products and services. AFG is also investing in technology and innovation to improve the customer experience and make it easier for mortgage brokers to do business.
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Is Australian Finance Group Ltd a public or private company?


How many people does Australian Finance Group Ltd employ?


What sector is Australian Finance Group Ltd in?


Where is the head office for Australian Finance Group Ltd?

Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Australian Finance Group Ltd founded?

Year Founded
What does Australian Finance Group Ltd specialise in?
/Mortgage /Broker /Housing /Insurance /Financials /Loans
What are Australian Finance Group Ltd’s services?
Overview of Australian Finance Group Ltd offerings
Home loans: AFG offers a wide range of home loans to suit different needs, including first home buyer loans, investment loans, and refinanced loans.
Investment loans: AFG offers investment loans to help investors purchase investment properties.
Commercial loans: AFG offers commercial loans to help businesses purchase or refinance commercial property.
Personal loans: AFG offers personal loans for a variety of purposes, such as debt consolidation, home renovations, and car purchases.
Financial planning: AFG offers financial planning services to help clients achieve their financial goals.
Insurance: AFG offers a range of insurance products, including home insurance, life insurance, and car insurance.
Who is in the Australian Finance Group Ltd executive team?
Australian Finance Group Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. David  Bailey
    Mr. David Bailey
    Chief Exec. Officer
  • Mr. Malcolm  Watkins
    Mr. Malcolm Watkins
    Co-Founder & Non-Exec. Director
  • Ms. Lisa  Bevan
    Ms. Lisa Bevan
    Company Sec.
  • Mr. Luca  Pietropiccolo
    Mr. Luca Pietropiccolo
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Brad  Wearn
    Brad Wearn
    Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Michelle  Palethorpe
    Ms. Michelle Palethorpe
    Gen. Counsel
  • Alison  Clarke
    Alison Clarke
    Head of Corp. Communications
  • Mr. Chris  Slater
    Mr. Chris Slater
    Head of Sales & Distribution