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Austral Resources (ASX:AR1) is a copper cathode producer with significant exploration and development upside. The company's operations are located in the Gulf country region of Queensland, where it has a number of tenements and projects at various stages of development. Austral's flagship project is the Anthill Project, which lies within the Lady Annie Project, which is 45km from the Mt Kelly processing facility in Queensland. The company is also exploring other projects in the region, including the Lady Annie Project, the Cameron River Project, and the Miranda Project.
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Queensland, Australia

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/Gold /Copper /Mining /Exploration /Resources /Queensland

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Anthill Project: situated in the Lady Annie area, is Austral's upcoming mining hub, positioned 45km from the Mt Kelly processing facility.
Lady Annie Project tenements: the company's exploration efforts will primarily target the discovery of oxide copper deposits suitable for heap leaching and solvent extraction at the current processing facility.
Cameron River Project tenements: positioned within the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mount Isa Inlier. The tenements exhibit promising potential for copper, gold, and rare earths.
Miranda Project tenements: holds promising prospects for copper, with all tenements within a 40km radius of the Mount Cuthbert copper deposit.

Who is in the executive team of Austral Resources ?

Austral Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Daniel Rigby Jauncey
    Mr. Daniel Rigby Jauncey
    CEO, MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Shane  O'Connell
    Mr. Shane O'Connell
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Luke  Johnstone
    Mr. Luke Johnstone
    Chief Financial Officer (Leave of Absence)
  • Mr. Jaroslaw Krzysztof Kopias ACIS, ACSA, AGIA, B.Com., BCom, C.S., CGP, CPA
    Mr. Jaroslaw Krzysztof Kopias ACIS, ACSA, AGIA, B.Com., BCom, C.S., CGP, CPA
    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Angus  Peterson
    Mr. Angus Peterson
    Acting Chief Financial Officer
  • Jane  Morgan
    Jane Morgan
    Investor & Media Relations Manager