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What does Aurelia Metals do?
Aurelia Metals (ASX:AMI) is a gold and copper mining company with operations in Australia. The company's flagship asset is the Peak Gold Mine in New South Wales, which is one of the highest-grade gold mines in the world. Aurelia Metals is also currently developing the Federation zinc, lead and gold mine in New South Wales.
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Brisbane, Australia

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/Metals /Gold /Copper /Zinc /Lead /Mining /New South Wales /Resources

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Overview of Aurelia Metals offerings
Peak Gold Mine: High-grade underground gold mine in New South Wales, Australia.
Gold and copper concentrate production: Aurelia Metals produces gold and copper concentrate at its Peak and Hera Gold Mines, which are sold to third-party smelters.
Hera Gold Mine: Underground gold mine in New South Wales - placed on care and maintenance in 2023.
Federation Project: Development project in New South Wales, Australia, with high-grade zinc, lead and gold.
Great Cobar Project: Development of a satellite base metals and gold deposit, north of the New Cobar mning complex at the company’s Peak Mine processing facility.
Exploration: Aurelia Metals has a strong track record of discovery and exploration activities are underway in several districts across New South Wales and Western Australia.

Who is in the executive team of Aurelia Metals?

Aurelia Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Bryan  Quinn
    Mr. Bryan Quinn
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Martin  Cummings
    Mr. Martin Cummings
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Andrew  Graham
    Mr. Andrew Graham
    Chief Development & Technical Officer
  • Ms. Rochelle  Carey
    Ms. Rochelle Carey
    General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Ms. Susan  Scheepers
    Ms. Susan Scheepers
    Group Manager of People
  • Mr. Angus  Wyllie
    Mr. Angus Wyllie
    General Manager of Dargues Gold Mine