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Aura Finance (CRYPTO:AURA) is a protocol built on top of the Balancer system to provide maximum incentives to Balancer liquidity providers and BAL stakers through social aggregation of BAL deposits and Aura's native token. Aura Finance operates by pooling together BAL deposits from users and using them to purchase veBAL, which is a locked version of BAL that gives holders voting rights in the Balancer ecosystem. Aura then distributes the rewards from veBAL to its users, in addition to its own native token, AURA. Aura Finance is working on a number of projects to expand its offerings and make it easier for users to participate in the Balancer ecosystem, including the Aura Bridge, Aura SDK, and Aura Launchpad. The main objective of Aura Finance is to make Balancer more accessible and rewarding for users. Aura Finance believes that by providing users with a way to easily earn veBAL rewards, it can help to boost liquidity and governance participation in the Balancer ecosystem.
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San Francisco, California

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Asset management: Aura Finance offers curated investment strategies and portfolios to help users achieve their financial goals.
Insurance: Aura Finance provides users with insurance against various risks associated with DeFi, such as smart contract hacks and price volatility.
Lending and borrowing: Aura Finance allows users to lend and borrow digital assets at competitive interest rates.
Staking: Aura Finance allows users to stake their digital assets to earn rewards and support the security of the network.
Swapping: Aura Finance allows users to swap digital assets quickly and easily at competitive rates.
Yield farming: Aura Finance provides users with the opportunity to earn yield on their digital assets by participating in liquidity pools and other yield farming strategies.