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Augur (CRYPTO:REP), on the Ethereum blockchain, is a decentralized prediction market protocol facilitating the creation and trading of markets predicting future events, aiming for an open and efficient prediction ecosystem through transparent and tamper-proof smart contracts. Augur's prediction markets operate through users staking REP, the platform's native token, to create markets of varying sizes and associated fees. These markets enable users to trade shares based on event outcomes. Upon event conclusion, a network of reporters reports the result and is rewarded with REP for accuracy. Following the outcome report, the market is resolved, and users receive their winnings in REP, completing the prediction market cycle. Augur is a powerful tool that can be used to predict the outcome of a wide range of events, including elections, sports games, and economic indicators. Augur's decentralized nature makes it a more open and efficient way to bet on the future. Augur is actively engaged in several projects aimed at enhancing its platform. Augur Turbo, a layer 2 solution, is in development to increase transaction capacity and enhance the user experience. Augur REPv2 represents a more efficient and scalable version of the native token. Additionally, Augur is working on Augur ID, a decentralized identity system, enabling users to interact with the platform while safeguarding their personal information. These initiatives collectively reflect Augur's commitment to improving functionality and user privacy.
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San Francisco, California

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/1Confirmation Portfolio /DeFi /Multicoin Capital Portfolio /Oracles /Pantera Capital Portfolio /Platform /Prediction Markets /Reputation /Storage

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Overview of Augur offerings
Data provision: Augur provides data on prediction market activity to users and third-party applications. This data can be used to track the performance of prediction markets, to identify trends, and to develop new prediction market applications.
Dispute resolution: Augur allows users to dispute the outcome of prediction markets. If a dispute is successful, the outcome of the prediction market will be changed.
Fee collection: Augur collects fees from all prediction market activity. These fees are used to reward reporters and to fund the development of the Augur platform.
Outcome reporting: Augur allows users to report the outcome of prediction markets. Reporters are rewarded with REP for reporting the correct outcome.
Prediction market creation: Augur allows users to create prediction markets on the outcome of future events. This includes elections, sports games, economic indicators, and more.
Prediction market trading: Augur allows users to buy and sell shares on the outcome of prediction markets.