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aTyr Pharma (NASDAQ:LIFE) is a biotherapeutics company engaged in discovering and developing innovative medicines based on novel immunological pathways. Its main focus lies in addressing unmet medical needs in various disease areas, including cancer, fibrosis, and inflammatory diseases. aTyr Pharma's operations revolve around its proprietary technology platform, which leverages the therapeutic potential of proteins derived from tRNA synthetases. With a commitment to improving patients' lives, aTyr Pharma advances a diverse portfolio of product candidates through various stages of clinical development. The company's objectives center on harnessing the power of its research and development activities to create breakthrough therapies that can offer new treatment options for illnesses with significant impact on patients' health.
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San Diego, United States

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/Biotherapeutics Development /Innovative Medicine /Resokine Pathway /Respiratory Disease Focus /Inflammatory Disease Treatment /ATYR1923 Drug

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Overview of aTyr Pharma offerings
Develops Resolaris, a therapeutic for treating rare diseases including facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy by harnessing the immunomodulatory potential of the tRNA synthetase pathway.
Focuses on ATYR1923 (Efzofitimod), a potential treatment for interstitial lung diseases including pulmonary sarcoidosis, leveraging its novel mechanism of action to reduce lung inflammation.
Project Orca, a proprietary, preclinical-stage bi-specific antibody program targeting immune modulation in cancer and other severe diseases through innovative engagement with the NRP2 pathway.
Offers a pipeline exploring the therapeutic applications of new bioactive molecules derived from tRNA synthetase biology, aimed at treating immune-mediated and fibrotic diseases.
Engages in the research and development of novel immunotherapies focusing on extracellular tRNA synthetase technology, aimed at transforming the treatment landscape for patients with severe diseases.
Collaborates with global pharmaceutical partners to expand the development and commercial potential of its therapeutic candidates, leveraging external expertise and resources to accelerate patient access.