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Atlas Lithium Common Stock (NASDAQ:ATLX) is a dynamic player in the mining and exploration of lithium, an essential component for batteries used in electric vehicles and various modern technologies. The company is actively involved in identifying, acquiring, and developing lithium-rich projects primarily in South America. Atlas Lithium's operations focus on sustainable extraction methods, aiming to meet the growing global demand for lithium with minimal environmental impact. Their objective is to elevate their position in the lithium market by increasing production capacity and expanding their project portfolio, ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality lithium for the evolving energy sector.
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Boca Raton, United States

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What does Atlas Lithium specialise in?
/Lithium Production /Mineral Extraction /Renewable Energy /Electric Vehicle Market /Sustainable Mining /Battery Supply

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Overview of Atlas Lithium offerings
Exploration and development of lithium-rich mining projects in Brazil, targeting the demand for battery-grade lithium.
Research and development on sustainable lithium extraction and processing techniques.
Partnerships with local and international entities to advance lithium projects and ensure supply chain integrity.
Technological innovation in lithium recovery and purification processes to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
Community engagement and development initiatives around project sites to support local economies and environmental sustainability.
Investment in advanced geophysical surveys and drilling programs to identify and evaluate new lithium resources.

Who is in the executive team of Atlas Lithium ?

Atlas Lithium leadership team
  • Dr. Marc  Fogassa M.D.
    Dr. Marc Fogassa M.D.
    Chairman, CEO & President
  • Mr. Gustavo Pereira de Aguiar
    Mr. Gustavo Pereira de Aguiar
    CFO, Principal Accounting Officer & Treasurer
  • Mr. Brian W. Bernier
    Mr. Brian W. Bernier
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Brian Colin Talbot B.Sc.
    Mr. Brian Colin Talbot B.Sc.
    COO & Director
  • Mr. Joel  de Paiva Monteiro Esq.
    Mr. Joel de Paiva Monteiro Esq.
    Chief of ESG, VP of Administration & Operations and Secretary
  • Mr. James  Abson
    Mr. James Abson
    Chief Geological Officer
  • Mr. Nicholas  Rowley BCom
    Mr. Nicholas Rowley BCom
    Vice President of Business Development