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What does Atlantic Lithium do?
Atlantic Lithium (ASX:A11) is an Australian lithium exploration and development company with a focus on the development of its flagship Ewoyaa Lithium Project in Ghana. The company's operations include the exploration, development, and production of lithium. Atlantic Lithium's key project is the Ewoyaa Lithium Project, which is a high-grade lithium deposit with a large resource base.
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Where is the head office for Atlantic Lithium?

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New South Wales, Australia

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What does Atlantic Lithium specialise in?
/Battery metals /Mining /Africa /Lithium /Metals /Resources

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Overview of Atlantic Lithium offerings
Exploration and development of the Ewoyaa Lithium Project: The Ewoyaa Lithium Project is a high-grade lithium project located in the Central Region of Ghana. Atlantic Lithium is currently undertaking exploration and development activities at the project, with the aim of bringing it into production.
Development of a lithium hydroxide processing plant: Atlantic Lithium is developing a lithium hydroxide processing plant at the Ewoyaa Lithium Project. The plant will produce lithium hydroxide, which is a high-value lithium product that is in high demand from the electric vehicle battery industry.
Production and sale of lithium hydroxide: Atlantic Lithium plans to produce and sell lithium hydroxide from its lithium hydroxide processing plant. The company's target market is the electric vehicle battery industry.
Commitment to sustainable and ethical mining practices: Atlantic Lithium is committed to sustainable and ethical mining practices. The company has a strong focus on safety, environmental protection, and community engagement.
Partnership with the Government of Ghana and local communities: Atlantic Lithium is working in partnership with the Government of Ghana and local communities to develop the Ewoyaa Lithium Project in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Who is in the executive team of Atlantic Lithium?

Atlantic Lithium leadership team
  • Mr. Neil Lindsey Herbert FCCA
    Mr. Neil Lindsey Herbert FCCA
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Keith  Muller B.E.
    Mr. Keith Muller B.E.
    CEO & Executive Director
  • Ms. Amanda Susan Harsas
    Ms. Amanda Susan Harsas
    CFO, Finance Director, Company Secretary & Executive Director
  • Mr. Lennard Alexande Kolff van Oosterwijk B.Sc.
    Mr. Lennard Alexande Kolff van Oosterwijk B.Sc.
    Head of Business Development & Chief Geologist
  • Mr. Ahmed-Salim  Adam
    Mr. Ahmed-Salim Adam
    General Manager of Operations
  • Simone  Horsfall
    Simone Horsfall
    General Manager of People
  • Mr. Iwan  Willams
    Mr. Iwan Willams
    Exploration Manager
  • Mr. Michael  Bourguignon
    Mr. Michael Bourguignon
    Head of Capital Projects