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What does ASX do?
The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is Australia's primary securities exchange, providing a platform for trading shares, bonds, and other financial products. The ASX is a publicly traded company listed on its own exchange (ASX:ASX). The ASX provides a range of services, including listing services for companies, trusts, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs); trading services for a range of securities, including shares, bonds, and ETFs; clearing and settlement services for traded securities; market data services, including real-time and historical data on traded securities; and investor education services to help investors make informed investment decisions.
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Where is the head office for ASX?

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Head Office
Sydney, Australia

What year was ASX founded?

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Year Founded
What does ASX specialise in?
/Financials /Equities /Derivatives /Share trading /Stock market /Economy

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Overview of ASX offerings
Equity market: The ASX equity market is where shares of Australian companies are traded. The ASX equity market is one of the largest in the world, with over 2,000 listed companies.
Debt market: The ASX debt market is where Australian government bonds and corporate bonds are traded. The ASX debt market is one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.
Derivatives market: The ASX derivatives market is where futures contracts and options contracts on a range of underlying assets are traded. The ASX derivatives market is one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.
Objectives: Provide a safe, fair and efficient market for the trading of securities. Promote confidence in the Australian financial markets. Support the growth and development of the Australian economy.

Who is in the executive team of ASX?

ASX leadership team
  • Ms. Helen Maureen Lofthouse
    Ms. Helen Maureen Lofthouse
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Andrew. L Tobin
    Mr. Andrew. L Tobin
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Hamish John Treleaven
    Mr. Hamish John Treleaven
    Chief Risk Officer
  • Darren C. Yip
    Darren C. Yip
    Group Executive of Markets
  • Diona  Rae
    Diona Rae
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Dan  Chesterman
    Mr. Dan Chesterman
    Group Executive of Technology & Data
  • Mr. Tim  Whiteley
    Mr. Tim Whiteley
    Chief Information Officer
  • Simon  Starr
    Simon Starr
    General Manager of Investor Relations & Sustainability