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What does Astrotech do?
Astrotech (NASDAQ:ASTC) is a company that specializes in the development and commercialization of advanced technological solutions across various industries, including aerospace, defense, and healthcare. It is actively engaged in creating unique technologies such as mass spectrometry-based instruments and microgravity science and technology. Their projects range from developing equipment for detecting hazardous substances in the air to creating payloads for space missions. Astrotech aims to leverage its innovative technology platforms to solve complex challenges, aiming to enhance safety, efficiency, and scientific understanding in the sectors it serves. The company's primary objective is to continue pioneering in the technology space, contributing to advancements in research and practical applications that have the potential to benefit society as a whole.
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Where is the head office for Astrotech ?

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Austin, United States

What year was Astrotech founded?

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What does Astrotech specialise in?
/Spacecraft Management /Satellite Launching /On-orbit Servicing /Chemical Analysis /Pre-launch Services /Nano-satellites Production

What are the products and/or services of Astrotech ?

Overview of Astrotech offerings
BreathTech, developing a breath analysis tool to detect respiratory diseases early.
Astrogenetix, utilizing microgravity for vaccine and therapeutic development in space.
Spacecraft processing services, offering pre-launch conditioning and fueling for satellites and space missions.
Orbital infrastructure projects, designing modular stations and components for space assembly and habitation.

Who is in the executive team of Astrotech ?

Astrotech leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas Boone Pickens III
    Mr. Thomas Boone Pickens III
    CEO, CTO & Chairman
  • Mr. Jaime  Hinojosa
    Mr. Jaime Hinojosa
    CFO, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Mr. Joe  Levinthal
    Mr. Joe Levinthal
    Chief Science Officer of AgLAB Inc.