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Astral Resources (ASX:AAR) is a gold exploration company with a focus on identifying and developing high-grade gold deposits in Western Australia. Its flagship project is the Warrawoona Gold Project, located 60 km north of the town of Laverton. The project comprises a number of tenements, including the Warrawoona Gold Mine, which was mined historically at grades of up to 28g/t Au. The company is also exploring a number of other projects in the region, including the Yamarna Gold Project, the Yarri Gold Project and the Black Flag Gold Project.
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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Mining /Exploration /Gold deposits /Resources /Western Australia

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Mandilla Gold Project: Lies in the Widgiemooltha greenstone belt, featuring significant gold potential and secured mining leases.
Feysville Gold Project: Sits in Australia's prime gold belt, a mere 14 km south of the massive Golden Mile deposit in Kalgoorlie. The belt spans 100 km NNW, encompassing significant gold reserves like New Celebration just 10 km south of Feysville, and the extensive St Ives field 30-60 km to the south.
Carnilya Hill Gold Project: Spans several tenements covering approximately 2.65 km2. The adjacent area, Hang Glider Hill, has been identified as a promising new prospect, displaying a surface gold geochemical anomaly with the recovery of several gold nuggets.

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Astral Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Marc  Ducler
    Mr. Marc Ducler
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Brendon  Morton A.C.I.S., C.A.
    Mr. Brendon Morton A.C.I.S., C.A.
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Ms. Julie  Reid B.Sc.
    Ms. Julie Reid B.Sc.
    Exploration Manager