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Aslan Pharmaceuticals ADR (NASDAQ:ASLN) is a biotech company focused on developing innovative treatments for patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company's portfolio includes projects that target diseases with significant unmet medical needs, employing a science-driven approach to discover and develop novel therapeutics. Aslan Pharmaceuticals is known for its dedication to improving patient outcomes by advancing a range of candidates through clinical trials, with the aim to offer new, effective treatment options. The company's objectives are centered around accelerating the development of its pipeline products, expanding its research to cover more diseases, and ultimately making a substantial impact on patient care globally.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Aslan Pharmaceuticals ?

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Singapore, Singapore

What year was Aslan Pharmaceuticals founded?

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What does Aslan Pharmaceuticals specialise in?
/Cancer Therapeutics /ASLAN003 Development /Varlitinib Development /Clinical Trials /Biopharmaceutical Research /Global Distribution

What are the products and/or services of Aslan Pharmaceuticals ?

Overview of Aslan Pharmaceuticals offerings
Developing varlitinib, a potent pan-HER inhibitor aimed at treating biliary tract cancer.
Efgartigimod, an antibody fragment for immunoglobulin G (IgG) mediated diseases, in partnership.
ASLAN004, a monoclonal antibody for atopic dermatitis and other allergic conditions.
Pursuing next-generation treatments for autoimmune diseases with novel therapeutic targets.
Investing in preclinical research to discover therapies for acute myeloid leukemia.
Exploring collaborations for the development of innovative oncology therapies with potential partners.

Who is in the executive team of Aslan Pharmaceuticals ?

Aslan Pharmaceuticals leadership team
  • Dr. Carl Alan Jason Morton Firth EMBA, Ph.D.
    Dr. Carl Alan Jason Morton Firth EMBA, Ph.D.
    Founder, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Kiran Kumar  Asarpota
    Mr. Kiran Kumar Asarpota
    COO & Head of Finance
  • Mr. Ben  Goodger
    Mr. Ben Goodger
    General Counsel
  • Mr. Stephen  Doyle
    Mr. Stephen Doyle
    Chief Business Officer
  • Dr. Alexandre  Kaoukhov M.D.
    Dr. Alexandre Kaoukhov M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Charlie  Hsu
    Charlie Hsu
    Investor Relations Director
  • Chi-Chin  Wang
    Chi-Chin Wang
    IR & Corporate Development Director