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What does Arogo Capital Acquisition do?
Arogo Capital Acquisition (NASDAQ:AOGO) is actively engaged in identifying, acquiring, and managing assets and businesses across various industries. The core objective of Arogo Capital is to create shareholder value through strategic acquisitions and efficient management. The focus is on sectors where the team sees growth potential and where their expertise can drive significant improvements in operational efficiencies and profitability. Arogo Capital is particularly interested in opportunities that complement its existing portfolio, aiming to diversify its investments and reduce risk. The pursuit of operational excellence and strategic growth through acquisitions and partnerships forms the backbone of their strategy, making Arogo Capital a dynamic player in the acquisition space.
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Where is the head office for Arogo Capital Acquisition ?

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Miami, United States

What year was Arogo Capital Acquisition founded?

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What does Arogo Capital Acquisition specialise in?
/Asset Acquisition /Mergers Facilitation /Capital Investment /Business Consulting /Corporate Restructuring /Management Services

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Overview of Arogo Capital Acquisition offerings
Capital Raising: SPACs are created to raise money through an initial public offering (IPO).
Acquisition Target Search: After going public, the SPAC uses the raised funds to find and acquire a private company.
Business Combination: Once a target is identified, the SPAC merges with the private company, taking it public.
Public Listing: Through the merger, the private company gains access to the stock market and starts trading under the SPAC's ticker symbol.
Management Expertise: SPACs are often led by experienced teams who provide guidance and support to the acquired company post-merger.
Public Capital Access: By merging with a SPAC, the private company avoids the traditional IPO process and gains access to public capital markets.

Who is in the executive team of Arogo Capital Acquisition ?

Arogo Capital Acquisition leadership team
  • Mr. Suradech  Taweesaengsakulthai
    Mr. Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Suthee  Chivaphongse FCCA
    Mr. Suthee Chivaphongse FCCA
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Han Wen Chee
    Mr. Han Wen Chee
    Chief Strategy Officer