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What does ARN Media do?
ARN Media Group (ASX:A1N) is a media company in Australia. The company owns and operates a portfolio of radio stations, digital media assets, and event management businesses. ARN's radio stations include KIIS, Pure Gold, CADA, iHeart Radio. ARN Media's operations are focused on delivering high-quality content and experiences to its audiences. The company's radio stations are some of the most popular in Australia, and its digital media assets reach a large and engaged audience. ARN's event management businesses produce some of the biggest and most successful events in Australia.
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What sector is ARN Media in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for ARN Media ?

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Head Office
Sydney, Australia

What year was ARN Media founded?

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What does ARN Media specialise in?
/Media /Entertainment /Leisure /Hospitality /Communications

What are the products and/or services of ARN Media ?

Overview of ARN Media offerings
Radio broadcasting: ARN Media operates a network of radio stations across Australia, including Kiis 106.5, Gold 104.3, WSFM, and Pure Gold.
Digital media: ARN Media operates a number of digital media brands, including iHeartRadio Australia.
Event management: ARN Media produces and manages a number of events, including the iHeartRadio Music Festival Australia and the ARIA Awards.
Content production: ARN Media produces a range of content for radio, television, and digital media, including news, sport, entertainment, and music programs.
Talent management: ARN Media manages a number of radio and television personalities, including Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O, and Hamish & Andy.

Who is in the executive team of ARN Media ?

ARN Media leadership team
  • Mr. Ciaran  Davis
    Mr. Ciaran Davis
    CEO, MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Andrew  Nye C.A.
    Mr. Andrew Nye C.A.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Jeremy  Child L.L.B., M.Sc.
    Mr. Jeremy Child L.L.B., M.Sc.
    Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary