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Argent Mid Cap ETF (NASDAQ:AMID) is designed to offer investors exposure to the mid-cap segment of the market, focusing on companies with a medium market capitalization that demonstrate potential for growth and stability. This ETF includes a diverse portfolio that spans across various sectors, aiming to balance risk and reward for its investors. Argent Mid Cap ETF seeks to track the performance of a mid-cap index, engaging in strategic investments that align with its objective of capital appreciation over the medium to long term. The fund's strategy involves regular review and adjustment of its holdings to maintain a portfolio that reflects the most promising mid-cap opportunities. With a commitment to transparency and investor education, Argent Mid Cap ETF provides a valuable option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio with mid-cap stocks.
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St. Louis, United States

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/Mid Cap Investments /Exchange Traded Fund /Portfolio Management /Equity Fund /Investment Strategy /Risk Management

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Overview of Argent Mid Cap ETF offerings
Invests in Mid-Cap Stocks: AMID focuses on companies with a smaller market capitalization compared to large-cap companies, but generally larger than small-cap companies.
Active Management: Unlike passively managed index funds, AMID uses an active management strategy. Their "Change-Based Investing" approach selects stocks believed to be undergoing positive internal or external changes that could lead to future growth.
Focus on Outperforming Index: The fund aims to outperform the Russell MidCap Index over the long term through their active selection process.
Diversification: AMID provides diversification across various sectors within the mid-cap space, potentially reducing risk compared to investing in individual stocks.
Liquidity Focus: The underlying holdings are screened for liquidity to ensure investors can easily buy and sell shares of the ETF.
Proprietary Model: The Argent Alpha Model is used to rank stocks within each sector based on Value, Growth, Quality, and Stability factors. This helps them select companies with the potential for growth while considering other important metrics.