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API3 (CRYPTO:API3) is a decentralized Web3 API economy, governed by a DAO and powered by the API3 token. It prioritizes decentralization, transparency, and security in its operations. API3 is working on several projects, including the API3 Marketplace, DAO, and Grants Program. Their objectives are to enhance the accessibility and affordability of Web3 APIs, improve their quality and reliability, and promote their adoption. By decentralizing the API economy, API3 makes Web3 APIs more accessible, affordable, and reliable while ensuring transparency and audibility, potentially revolutionizing their development and usage.
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Cayman Islands, England

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/Cardano /Cardano Ecosystem /Coinfund Portfolio /DCG Portfolio /DeFi /Fantom Ecosystem /Oracles /Pantera Capital Portfolio /Placeholder Ventures Portfolio /Polygon Ecosystem /Web3

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Overview of API3 offerings
Airnode: API3's Airnode service is a serverless infrastructure that allows developers to build and deploy Web3 APIs.
ChainAPI: API3's ChainAPI service is a decentralized API that provides access to blockchain data.
Data feeds: API3 provides decentralized data feeds for a variety of assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities.
OEV: API3's Oracle Execution Verification (OEV) service provides a way to verify the execution of oracles.
QRNG: API3 provides a decentralized quantum random number generator (QRNG).
Web3 APIs: API3 provides a decentralized platform for developers to build and use Web3 APIs.