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Antipa Minerals (ASX:AZY) is a mineral exploration company focused on the Paterson Province in Western Australia, which is one of the most prospective regions in the world for gold and copper discoveries. Antipa's flagship project is the Minyari Dome Gold Project, which hosts a significant gold resource with potential for further growth. The company is also exploring a number of other targets in Paterson Province, including the Wilki Farm-in Project, which is being funded by Newcrest Mining and IGO Limited. Antipa's operations include exploration, development and mining of gold and copper deposits.
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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Exploration /Deposits /Mining /Copper /Western Australia /Resources

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Minyari Dome Project: Includes the Minyari and WACA deposits within the geological structure known as Minyari Dome. The May 2022 Minyari Dome Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) revealed a combined Mineral Resource of 1.8 million ounces of gold, 64,300 tonnes of copper, 584,000 ounces of silver, and 11,100 tonnes of cobalt.
Citadel Joint Venture: Spans around 1,200km2 of promising yet mostly unexplored Proterozoic stratigraphy in the Paterson Province's northern region.
Paterson Project: A 1,550 km2 segment of Antipa's land in the Paterson Province, was established through a farm-in agreement with IGO Ltd in July 2020. Numerous areas within the project are anticipated to be the focal points of future exploration efforts.
Wilki Project: Established through a farm-in agreement with Newcrest Mining in late February 2020. Newcrest is set to earn a 51% interest by investing $6 million in exploration within two years, and a 75% interest by contributing a further $10 million within five years and $44 million within eight years.

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Antipa Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Roger Craig Mason B.Sc., BSc (Hons), MausiMM
    Mr. Roger Craig Mason B.Sc., BSc (Hons), MausiMM
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Luke  Watson FCIS, B.Bus, CA, ACIS, SA Fin
    Mr. Luke Watson FCIS, B.Bus, CA, ACIS, SA Fin
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Mark Trevor Rodda BA, LLB
    Mr. Mark Trevor Rodda BA, LLB
    Executive Director and Executive Director of Commercial & Legal