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Angel Oak Ultrashort Income ETF (BATS:ALTS) specializes in fixed-income investments with a focus on delivering stable and attractive yields with minimal duration exposure. It aims at maximizing income for investors by investing primarily in a diverse portfolio of U.S. dollar-denominated debt, including mortgage-backed securities, collateralized loan obligations, and other asset-backed securities. The fund's strategy is designed to offer investors a blend of income generation and capital preservation, making it an appealing choice for those seeking exposure to ultrashort income-producing assets. With a keen eye on risk management and a goal to provide liquidity, Angel Oak Ultrashort Income ETF continually adjusts its portfolio in response to changing market conditions and opportunities.
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Atlanta, United States

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/Short-Term Investments /Income Generation /Risk Management /Portfolio Diversification /Capital Preservation /Investment Management

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Overview of Angel Oak Ultrashortome ETF offerings
Institutional asset management focusing on fixed-income investments with a specialization in mortgage-backed securities and other areas of structured credit.
Customized fixed-income portfolios tailored for individual investors looking for conservative, income-generating investment options.
Financial advisory services offering strategic investment planning and insights into fixed-income markets for conservative investors.
Credit opportunities fund seeking to capitalize on mispriced assets within the credit markets, aiming for high income and capital preservation.
Risk management solutions designed to protect investor portfolios from market volatility, focusing on asset allocation and hedging strategies.
Research and analytics platform providing in-depth analysis of the fixed-income market, offering investors tools to make informed decisions.