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What does Royalty Management Holding do?
Royalty Management Holding Corp (NASDAQ:RMCO), seeks out undervalued assets, royalties, and ownership stakes in businesses with hidden potential. They focus on long-term sustainability and don't just buy low, they develop these assets strategically. This means creating revenue streams that benefit both RMCO and its investors. By unlocking hidden value, RMCO strives to deliver long-term financial growth for shareholders, while also making a positive impact on the communities where they invest.
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Where is the head office for Royalty Management Holding ?

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Indiana, United States

What year was Royalty Management Holding founded?

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What does Royalty Management Holding specialise in?
/Real Estate /Raw Land /Investment Solutions /Land Development /Asset Management /Investor Education

What are the products and/or services of Royalty Management Holding ?

Overview of Royalty Management Holding offerings
Focused on royalty acquisition and management, offering strategic portfolio expansion through targeted investments.
Expert advisory services for optimizing royalty streams and maximizing revenue for creators and rights holders.
Comprehensive rights management solutions, streamlining licensing processes and enforcement for intellectual property owners.
Innovative financial products tailored to the needs of artists, inventors, and content creators, providing upfront capital against future royalties.
Robust analytics and reporting tools designed to give stakeholders real-time insights into performance and earnings from intellectual properties.
Specialized legal support services catering to the complex landscape of intellectual property rights and negotiations.

Who is in the executive team of Royalty Management Holding ?

Royalty Management Holding leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas M. Sauve
    Mr. Thomas M. Sauve
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Kirk Patrick Taylor CPA, CPA
    Mr. Kirk Patrick Taylor CPA, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer