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Alto Metals (ASX:AME) is an Australian mineral exploration company focused on the Sandstone Gold Project in the East Murchison Mineral Field of Western Australia. The project covers a significant area (>900km²) within the Archaean Sandstone Greenstone Belt, historically producing approximately 1.3 million ounces of gold. Alto's strategy involves expanding existing mineral resources through further exploration and drilling, targeting both brownfield and greenfield areas within the project. Their primary focus is on shallow open-pit mining opportunities, aiming to capitalise on the potential for near-term production.
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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Mining /Resources /Western Australia /Precious metals /Explorer

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Sandstone Gold Project: Located in Western Australia's East Murchison Mineral Field, offers exciting potential for significant gold resource expansion. Covering over 900km², the project encompasses both brownfield (previously mined) and greenfield areas, providing diverse exploration opportunities.
Brownfield Areas: These include historically mined areas with existing infrastructure, like the Lord Nelson, Lord Henry, and Matilda-Helena zones. Alto prioritises these areas for potential near-term development due to their existing knowledge and infrastructure.
Greenfield Areas: These are unexplored areas within the project with potential for new discoveries. Examples include the Havilah, Hickory, and South Telfer zones. Exploration activities like drilling are ongoing to assess their potential.

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Alto Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Matthew  Bowles B.Com, CPA, ASA
    Mr. Matthew Bowles B.Com, CPA, ASA
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Graeme Ian Smith BEc, FCIS, FCPA, FCSA, MAusIMM, MBA, Mcomlaw
    Mr. Graeme Ian Smith BEc, FCIS, FCPA, FCSA, MAusIMM, MBA, Mcomlaw
    CFO & Company Secretary