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What does Alpine 4 do?
Alpine 4 (NASDAQ:ALPP) is a diversified holding company focused on acquiring and operating businesses across various sectors, including technology, manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace, and defense. Through its subsidiaries and divisions, Alpine 4 delivers innovative solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of its clients. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Alpine 4 leverages its expertise to drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and create value for shareholders. By strategically investing in promising companies and fostering synergies across its portfolio, Alpine 4 aims to position itself as a leader in the industries it serves, delivering sustainable long-term success.
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What sector is Alpine 4 in?

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Where is the head office for Alpine 4?

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Head Office
Phoenix, United States

What year was Alpine 4 founded?

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Year Founded
What does Alpine 4 specialise in?
/Technology Holdings /Automotive Technologies /Aerospace Services /Electronics Manufacturing /Sheet Metal Fabrication /Software Development

What are the products and/or services of Alpine 4?

Overview of Alpine 4 offerings
Technology Solutions: This could include software development, IT consulting, cybersecurity services, and other technology-related solutions.
Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS): Alpine 4 might offer electronic manufacturing services such as PCB assembly, prototyping, testing, and supply chain management for electronic products.
Automotive Technologies: Alpine 4 may provide automotive-related products and services, such as manufacturing components, aftermarket accessories, or automotive technology solutions.
Energy Services: This could include products or services related to energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions, or energy management systems.
Aerospace and Defense: Alpine 4 might offer products or services catering to the aerospace and defense industries, such as aerospace components, defense electronics, or engineering services.
Other Industrial Products and Services: Alpine 4 may have diverse offerings in various industrial sectors, including manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, or other sectors.

Who is in the executive team of Alpine 4?

Alpine 4 leadership team
  • Mr. Kent Brian Wilson
    Mr. Kent Brian Wilson
    Founder, CEO, President, Secretary & Director
  • Mr. Ian  Kantrowitz
    Mr. Ian Kantrowitz
    Founder, VP of Investor Relations & Director
  • Mr. Jeffrey M. Hail
    Mr. Jeffrey M. Hail
    Founder & COO
  • Ms. SaVonnah  Osmanski
    Ms. SaVonnah Osmanski
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Controller
  • Ms. Shannon  Rigney
    Ms. Shannon Rigney
    Founder & VP of Social Media/PR
  • Mr. Christopher J. Meinerz
    Mr. Christopher J. Meinerz
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Craig  Codling
    Mr. Craig Codling
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Trish  Norvell
    Mr. Trish Norvell
    Vice President of Human Resources