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Alliance Aviation Services Limited (ASX:AQZ) is a leading provider of contract charter and scheduled air services in Australia and the South West Pacific. The company operates a fleet of over 50 Fokker 50, Fokker 70, and E190 aircraft to provide services to a range of customers, including mining companies, government agencies, and tour operators. Alliance's operations are focused on providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective air services to its customers. The company has a team of experienced pilots and cabin crew who are committed to providing a high level of customer service. Alliance is also committed to safety and has a strong focus on risk management.
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Queensland, Australia

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/Aviation /Airline /Travel /Hospitality /FIFO /Aircraft /Engineering /Aerospace

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Overview of Alliance Aviation offerings
Fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) services: Alliance Airlines is a leading provider of FIFO services to the resources sector in Australia. The company operates a fleet of Fokker 50 and Fokker 70 aircraft to transport workers to and from remote mining and oil and gas sites.
Ad hoc charter services: Alliance Airlines also offers ad hoc charter services for a range of purposes, including corporate travel, sporting events, and medical evacuations. The company's ad hoc charter services are available to both individuals and groups.
Scheduled passenger services: Alliance Airlines operates scheduled passenger services to a number of regional destinations in Australia. The company's scheduled passenger services are designed to meet the needs of both business and leisure travellers.
Aircraft maintenance and engineering services: Alliance Airlines has a team of experienced aircraft maintenance and engineering engineers who provide a range of services, including aircraft maintenance, repairs, and overhauls. The company's aircraft maintenance and engineering services are available to both Alliance Airlines aircraft and aircraft from other operators.
Aircraft sales and leasing services: Alliance Airlines also sells and leases aircraft. The company's aircraft sales and leasing services are designed to meet the needs of a range of customers, including airlines, cargo operators, and government agencies.
Aviation training services: Alliance Airlines offers a range of aviation training services, including pilot training, cabin crew training, and engineering training. The company's aviation training services are designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in the aviation industry.

Who is in the executive team of Alliance Aviation ?

Alliance Aviation leadership team
  • Mr. Scott Alexander McMillan
    Mr. Scott Alexander McMillan
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Marc Robert Devine
    Mr. Marc Robert Devine
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Stewart  Tully
    Mr. Stewart Tully
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Rosanna  Bruzzichessi
    Ms. Rosanna Bruzzichessi
    Chief People & Transformation Officer
  • Ms. Nicola  Clark
    Ms. Nicola Clark
    Company Secretary