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What does Alkaline Water Company do?
Alkaline Water Company (NASDAQ:WTER) specializes in developing and marketing premium bottled alkaline water, flavored water, and CBD-infused products. These beverages are engineered through a state-of-the-art process that raises the pH level of water, offering consumers a high-quality, refreshing alternative to standard water and soft drinks. With a strong dedication to health and wellness, Alkaline Water Company aims to deliver innovative hydration solutions that support a healthy lifestyle. Their projects include expanding their product portfolio and distribution network, continuously striving to meet the growing consumer demand for healthier beverage options. The overarching objective of Alkaline Water Company is to become a household name in the water and health-focused beverage industry, by maintaining high standards of quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.
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Consumer Staples

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Scottsdale, United States

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/Alkaline Water /Infused Beverages /CBD Products /Hydration Services /Natural Solutions /Health Project

What are the products and/or services of Alkaline Water Company?

Overview of Alkaline Water Company offerings
Alkaline88®, a premium drinking water with an 8.8 pH balance, aimed at promoting health and wellness.
A88 Infused™, a line of flavored water without artificial sweeteners or calories, for tasteful hydration.
Eco-Friendly Aluminum Bottles, an initiative to reduce plastic use, offering water in a sustainable, recyclable package.
A88CBD™, a collection of hemp-derived CBD products, including topical and ingestible options, catering to wellness-minded consumers.

Who is in the executive team of Alkaline Water Company?

Alkaline Water Company leadership team
  • Mr. David A. Guarino
    Mr. David A. Guarino
    CFO, Secretary, Treasurer & Director and President, Interim CEO
  • Jeff  Wright
    Jeff Wright
    Director of Investor Relations