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Alien Worlds (CRYPTO:TLM) is a decentralized metaverse where players can compete for scarce resources, Trilium (TLM), in a simulated economy centered around planetary worlds. The platform is operated by a DAO that is governed by the TLM token. The Alien Worlds team is currently working on a number of projects to improve the platform and expand its offerings, including Alien Worlds v2, Alien Worlds Bridge, and Alien Worlds DAO. The team's objective is to build a decentralized and immersive metaverse where players can have fun, earn rewards, and participate in a thriving economy. They believe that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, and they are committed to making Alien Worlds the metaverse that makes this possible.
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Overview of Alien Worlds offerings
Cross-chain bridge: The Alien Worlds team is developing a cross-chain bridge that will allow users to transfer assets between Alien Worlds and other blockchains.
DAO governance: Players can participate in the governance of the Alien Worlds platform by voting on proposals and holding TLM tokens.
Metaverse: Alien Worlds is a decentralized metaverse where players can interact with each other and with the game world.
NFT marketplace: Players can buy, sell, and trade NFTs on the Alien Worlds marketplace. NFTs represent in-game items, such as land, tools, and weapons.
NFT staking: Players can stake their NFTs to earn rewards, such as TLM tokens and additional NFTs.
Play-to-earn: Players can earn TLM tokens by participating in a variety of activities on the Alien Worlds platform, such as mining, staking, and battling.