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What does Aleph Zero do?
Aleph Zero (CRYPTO:AZERO) is a blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize decentralized technology. Its operations involve a unique consensus mechanism called DAG, which enables high-speed, scalable, and energy-efficient transactions. Aleph Zero's projects likely include further developing and enhancing its DAG-based technology, creating a secure and efficient blockchain ecosystem, and potentially exploring various applications in sectors like finance, supply chain, and more. The objectives of Aleph Zero are to establish a blockchain solution that fosters decentralization, scalability, security, and sustainability, ensuring it can cater to diverse industries and drive innovation in the blockchain space.
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What is the market cap for Aleph Zero?

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Where is the head office for Aleph Zero?

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Zug, Switzerland

What year was Aleph Zero founded?

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What does Aleph Zero specialise in?
/Exnetwork Capital Portfolio /PetRock Capital Portfolio /Platform /Polkadot /Polkadot Ecosystem /Smart Contracts /Staking /Substrate /Zero Knowledge Proofs

What are the products and/or services of Aleph Zero?

Overview of Aleph Zero offerings
Blockchain Ecosystem: Aleph Zero may support the creation and development of blockchain-based applications, facilitating decentralized solutions for various industries.
Consensus Mechanisms: The platform may incorporate innovative consensus mechanisms, enabling reliable and decentralized validation of transactions.
Distributed Ledger Technology: Aleph Zero likely provides a distributed ledger platform, fostering secure and efficient data storage and sharing across a network.
Scalability: Scalability solutions may be a focus, ensuring the platform can handle a growing user base and increasing data volume.
Security: Aleph Zero likely prioritizes security measures to protect data and transactions on its platform.
Smart Contracts: Smart contract functionality can be offered, allowing users to execute self-executing agreements and automate processes.

Who is in the executive team of Aleph Zero?

Aleph Zero leadership team
  • Adam Gagol, Ph.D.
    Adam Gagol, Ph.D.
  • Antoni Zolciak
    Antoni Zolciak
  • Joeri van Geelen
    Joeri van Geelen
    Founding Partner of NxGen, former Managing Director APAC at Prysm Group
  • Matthew Niemerg, Ph.D.
    Matthew Niemerg, Ph.D.
  • Max Torres
    Max Torres
    Head of Finance at 0x
  • Michael Guzik
    Michael Guzik
    CEO of CLST, former partner at Blockchain Valley Ventures, Primary Markets Lead at Lykke, initiator of blockchain practice in PwC Switzerland
  • Michal Branski
    Michal Branski
    Co-owner and CSO of Wirtualna Polska, the largest Polish media conglomerate
  • Michal Swietek, Ph.D.
    Michal Swietek, Ph.D.