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What does do? (CRYPTO:ALEPH) serves as a decentralized infrastructure and data storage layer for censorship-resistant, scalable, and secure decentralized applications (DApps) on the Internet Computer. It offers a suite of services, including decentralized storage, compute, identity, and messaging. As a vital component of the Internet Computer ecosystem, facilitates the development of the next generation of DApps. Among its significant projects are NFT storage for secure and censorship-resistant NFT storage, decentralized cloud computing for resilient applications, and the creation of decentralized social media platforms.'s overarching objectives are to enable the development of robust, censorship-resistant DApps, increase accessibility to the Internet Computer, and contribute to a more decentralized and equitable internet. The project is poised to revolutionize internet infrastructure and remains committed to creating a successful and sustainable platform for all users. company media
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Paris, France

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/AI & Big Data /Avalanche Ecosystem /BNB Chain /Cosmos Ecosystem /Distributed Computing /Filesharing /FTX Bankruptcy Estate /Injective Ecosystem /Mineable /Polkadot Ecosystem /Solana Ecosystem /Storage

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Compute: also offers decentralized compute resources, which can be used to run applications and workloads. This compute power is scalable and elastic, making it ideal for running demanding applications or processing large amounts of data.
IPFS pinning: can be used to pin content to the IPFS network, ensuring that it is always available and accessible. This is useful for storing and sharing websites, applications, and other digital assets.
My Programs: allows you to deploy and manage your own decentralized applications (dApps). This gives you full control over your dApps and their data.
NFT storage: offers secure and reliable storage for NFT assets. This storage is tamper-proof and highly available, ensuring that your NFTs are always safe and accessible.
On-demand Execution: allows you to run Python code on demand, without having to worry about managing your own infrastructure. This makes it easy to run scripts and automate tasks without having to set up and maintain your own servers.
Storage: offers decentralized storage for data and files, using a network of distributed nodes. This storage is tamper-proof and highly available, making it ideal for storing sensitive or important data.