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What does Akoustis Technologies do?
Akoustis Technologies (NASDAQ:AKTS) is a high-tech company focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced radio frequency (RF) filter products for the telecommunications industry. Their innovative technology targets critical frequency bands required for connectivity in a variety of applications, including 5G wireless infrastructure, high-band Wi-Fi, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With an emphasis on creating high-performance bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters, Akoustis aims to meet the growing demands of fast, efficient, and reliable wireless communication. Their projects span the development of next-generation network components to enhance connectivity speeds and reduce signal interference, striving to achieve breakthroughs in RF filter efficiency and performance. The company's main objective is to secure a prominent position in the RF filter market by leveraging their patented XBAW technology and delivering superior filter solutions for high growth markets.
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Information Technology

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Huntersville, United States

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What does Akoustis Technologies specialise in?
/RF Filters /Wi-Fi Solutions /5G Networking /Mobile Devices /Wireless Infrastructure /Patented XBAW Technology

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Overview of Akoustis Technologies offerings
RF Filters: Akoustis Technologies' Radio Frequency (RF) filters are used in various applications, including cellular infrastructure, Wi-Fi, and 5G communication systems. Their BAW-based filters offer advantages like high performance, small size, and low power consumption.
Timing Devices: They also create high-accuracy timing devices using BAW technology. These devices are crucial for synchronization and precision timing in various applications, such as data center networks, telecommunications equipment, and military systems.
Sensors: Akoustis Technologies develops BAW-based sensors for various sensing applications. These sensors can detect pressure, temperature, and other environmental parameters with high sensitivity.
RF Receivers: They design integrated RF receivers that combine their BAW filters and other circuit elements. These receivers are used in mobile devices, base stations, and other wireless communication systems.
Customizable Products: Akoustis Technologies offers customization of its products to meet specific customer requirements. They can tailor the design and performance of their filters, timing devices, and sensors for various applications.
Foundry Services: In addition to their own products, Akoustis Technologies provides foundry services for other companies developing BAW-based devices. They offer wafer fabrication and packaging services using their BAW technology expertise.

Who is in the executive team of Akoustis Technologies?

Akoustis Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. Jeffrey B. Shealy
    Mr. Jeffrey B. Shealy
    Founder, President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Kenneth E. Boller
    Mr. Kenneth E. Boller
    CFO & Corporate Controller
  • Mr. David M. Aichele
    Mr. David M. Aichele
    Executive Vice President of Business Development
  • Mr. Andrew  Wright
    Mr. Andrew Wright
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Mary  Winters
    Ms. Mary Winters
    Executive VP of Fab & Corporate Operations
  • Mr. Kamran  Cheema
    Mr. Kamran Cheema
    Chief Product Officer