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Ainos (NASDAQ:AIMD) focuses on developing and commercializing innovative health solutions that aim to dramatically improve patient outcomes. From cutting-edge biomedical devices to advanced pharmaceuticals, Ainos's projects span a wide range of technologies and applications designed to tackle today's most challenging health issues. The company's objectives are deeply rooted in leveraging scientific research to bring novel treatments and diagnostics to the market, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for patients worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and a dedicated team of experts, Ainos is committed to pushing the boundaries of medicine and healthcare.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Ainos?

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California, United States

What year was Ainos founded?

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Year Founded
What does Ainos specialise in?
/Software Development /IT Solutions /Project Management /Cloud Services /Custom Applications /Data Analytics

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Overview of Ainos offerings
An innovative health monitoring platform leveraging AI for real-time data analysis and health insights.
A blockchain-based solution for secure and transparent medical data exchange.
A mobile application focused on fertility tracking, offering personalized health insights.
An AI-powered diagnostic tool designed to improve accuracy and efficiency in disease detection.
A cloud-based platform for healthcare professionals, facilitating patient management and collaboration.
Custom software development services for healthcare organizations, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

Who is in the executive team of Ainos?

Ainos leadership team
  • Mr. Chun-Hsien  Tsai
    Mr. Chun-Hsien Tsai
    Chairman of Board, President & CEO
  • Mr. Lawrence Kennedy Lin
    Mr. Lawrence Kennedy Lin
    Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Hsin-Liang  Lee
    Mr. Hsin-Liang Lee
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Chih-Heng  Lu
    Mr. Chih-Heng Lu
    Director of Corporate Developoment