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Aguia Resources Limited (ASX:AGR) is an Australian mineral exploration company focused on phosphate and copper projects located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Aguia also holds interests in other exploration licences prospective for phosphate and base metals within its focus area. Notably, the company secured funding from the Brazilian government to support the environmentally responsible development of its Andrade project, emphasising its commitment to sustainability.
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New South Wales, Australia

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/Brazil /Mining /Exploration /Phosphate /Copper /Agriculture

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Overview of Aguia Resources offerings
Três Estradas Phosphate Project: This project consists of several granted exploration licences covering approximately 1,400km² and is considered highly prospective for phosphate, a key ingredient in fertilisers. Aguia is currently conducting feasibility studies to assess the potential for developing a mine at Três Estradas.
Andrade Copper Project: Encompassing approximately 1,700km², Andrade is prospective for copper and gold mineralisation. Exploration activities are ongoing, with recent drilling results indicating potential for copper resources.

Who is in the executive team of Aguia Resources ?

Aguia Resources leadership team
  • Ms. Christina Mary McGrath
    Ms. Christina Mary McGrath
    Interim MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Alfredo Rossetto Nunes
    Mr. Alfredo Rossetto Nunes
    Senior Geologist
  • Mr. Ross  Pearson
    Mr. Ross Pearson
    Company Secretary