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What does Aft Pharmaceuticals do?
AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX:AFP) is a growing multinational pharmaceutical company that develops, markets, and distributes a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products across a wide range of therapeutic categories. AFT's product portfolio comprises both proprietary and in-licensed products, and includes patented, branded and generic drugs. AFT Pharmaceuticals' operations are focused on the development, commercialisation, and distribution of its pharmaceutical products. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are able to work with healthcare professionals to ensure that patients have access to the medicines they need. AFT Pharmaceuticals' current projects include the development of new pharmaceutical products, the expansion of its international footprint, and the acquisition of new products and businesses. The company is also working on a number of initiatives to improve its manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.
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What sector is Aft Pharmaceuticals in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Aft Pharmaceuticals?

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Auckland, New Zealand

What year was Aft Pharmaceuticals founded?

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What does Aft Pharmaceuticals specialise in?
/Pharmaceutical /Biotech /Healthcare /Health /Medical /Manufacturing

What are the products and/or services of Aft Pharmaceuticals?

Overview of Aft Pharmaceuticals offerings
Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines: AFT Pharmaceuticals develops, licences, and sells a range of OTC medicines, including pain relievers, cold and flu treatments, and allergy medications.
Prescription medicines: AFT Pharmaceuticals also develops, licences, and sells prescription medicines, such as treatments for chronic pain and inflammation.
Repurposing of existing drugs: Aft Pharmaceuticals is known for its expertise in repurposing existing drugs for new uses. This means that the company can develop new products more quickly and cheaply than if it was developing new drugs from scratch.
Contract manufacturing: AFT Pharmaceuticals also offers contract manufacturing services to other pharmaceutical companies. This means that the company can manufacture drugs for other companies on a contract basis.
Research and development: AFT Pharmaceuticals has a strong research and development pipeline, with a number of new products in development. The company's focus is on developing new and innovative treatments for pain, inflammation, and other conditions.
Licensing of intellectual property: AFT Pharmaceuticals licences its intellectual property to other pharmaceutical companies. This means that other companies can use Aft Pharmaceuticals' technologies to develop their own products.

Who is in the executive team of Aft Pharmaceuticals?

Aft Pharmaceuticals leadership team
  • Dr. Hartley  Atkinson Ph.D.
    Dr. Hartley Atkinson Ph.D.
    Co-Founder, CEO, MD & Executive Director
  • Ms. Marree  Atkinson
    Ms. Marree Atkinson
    Co-Founder, Chief of Staff & Executive Director
  • Mr. Malcolm  Tubby B.A., BA(Hon's), ICAEW, ICANZ
    Mr. Malcolm Tubby B.A., BA(Hon's), ICAEW, ICANZ
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Murray  Keith
    Mr. Murray Keith
    Group Marketing Manager
  • Ms. Ioana  Stanescu
    Ms. Ioana Stanescu
    Head of Drug Development