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What does Aeye do?
AEye (NASDAQ:LIDR) is a technology firm that specializes in the development of advanced vision hardware and software for autonomous vehicles and robotics. Their offerings revolve around a unique LiDAR technology, which enhances the perception and safety capabilities of automotive and industrial applications. AEye's projects are focused on pushing the boundaries in sensory perception, aiming to improve the reliability and efficiency of autonomous systems. With a commitment to innovation, AEye's objective is to spearhead advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, ensuring safer, smarter, and more connected autonomous operations in various sectors.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Aeye?

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Dublin, United States

What year was Aeye founded?

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What does Aeye specialise in?
/LiDAR Solutions /Autonomous Vehicles /Intelligent Sensing /Real-time Processing /Advanced AI /3D Perception

What are the products and/or services of Aeye?

Overview of Aeye offerings
Lidar sensors tailored for automotive applications, offering precise long-range detection for autonomous driving.
Software solutions for sensor fusion and perception, enabling vehicles to accurately interpret their surroundings.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) leveraging AI-driven insights for improved road safety.
Customizable lidar products for industrial applications, enhancing automation and efficiency in various sectors.
3D mapping services using lidar data, supporting urban planning and infrastructure projects.
Portable lidar devices designed for smart city applications, facilitating traffic management and public safety.

Who is in the executive team of Aeye?

Aeye leadership team
  • Mr. Matthew  Fisch
    Mr. Matthew Fisch
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Conor B. Tierney
    Mr. Conor B. Tierney
    CFO, Principal Financial Officer & Treasurer
  • Mr. Andrew S. Hughes
    Mr. Andrew S. Hughes
    General Counsel & Secretary
  • Ms. Erica  Allen
    Ms. Erica Allen
    Chief People Officer
  • Brenda  Carrillo
    Brenda Carrillo
    Project Manager
  • Heath  Attia
    Heath Attia
    Senior Field Application Engineer