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What does Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding do?
Aesthetic Medical International (NASDAQ:AIH) operates in the aesthetic medical services sector, focusing on services such as laser and ultrasonic lipolysis, plastic surgery, skin treatments, and other cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing physical appearance. The company has made a name for itself by blending healthcare with beauty services, emphasizing the use of advanced technologies and methodologies to satisfy diverse customer needs. Aesthetic Medical International aims to expand its global footprint by establishing more clinics and enhancing its service offerings, constantly striving to meet evolving consumer preferences in the aesthetic medicine space. Through its strategic initiatives, the company seeks to innovate and improve the quality of life of its clients, making professional and sophisticated aesthetic services accessible to a broader audience.
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What sector is Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding?

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Head Office
Shenzhen, China

What year was Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding founded?

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What does Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding specialise in?
/Cosmetic Surgery /Skin Treatments /Aesthetic Services /Medical Training /Clinical Research /Health Consultation

What are the products and/or services of Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding?

Overview of Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding offerings
Comprehensive aesthetic treatment solutions focusing on minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures.
Advanced anti-aging services incorporating the latest technological innovations.
Customized medical skincare treatments tailored to individual skin types and conditions.
Plastic surgery services covering a broad range of enhancements and reconstructions.
Professional dermatology services addressing a wide spectrum of skin health issues.
Beauty and wellness products designed to complement procedural treatments.

Who is in the executive team of Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding?

Aesthetic Medical Intl Holding leadership team
  • Dr. Pengwu  Zhou
    Dr. Pengwu Zhou
    Co-Founder & Non-Executive Co-Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Chen  Zhang
    Mr. Chen Zhang
    Executive co-chairman of the Board
  • Ms. Ding  Wenting
    Ms. Ding Wenting
    Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Guanhua  Wu
    Mr. Guanhua Wu
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Qing  Hu
    Ms. Qing Hu
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Derrick  Shi
    Derrick Shi
    Investor Relations Associate Director
  • Dr. Yitao  Zhou
    Dr. Yitao Zhou
    Chief Medical Technique Officer