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AERGO (CRYPTO:AERGO) is a hybrid blockchain platform designed for both public and private use cases. It combines the security and transparency of a public blockchain with the scalability and performance of a private blockchain. AERGO is powered by the native AERGO token, which is used to pay for transaction fees, participate in governance, and access premium features. The AERGO team is working on a number of projects to expand the capabilities of the platform. These projects include the development of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to govern the platform, the launch of an AERGO mainnet, and the integration of AERGO with other blockchain platforms. AERGO has the potential to play a major role in the future of enterprise blockchain. By providing a secure and scalable platform for enterprise applications, AERGO can help businesses to realize the benefits of blockchain technology, such as increased transparency, efficiency, and security.
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Hong Kong

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/Enterprise Solutions /Platform

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Overview of Aergo offerings
Enterprise solutions: AERGO offers enterprise solutions for businesses, such as private blockchain and hybrid blockchain solutions.
High transaction speed and low fees: AERGO guarantees 10,000+ transactions per second at a minimal cost of $0.001 per transaction.
Open, extensible, and secured network: AERGO is an open source network that is secure, utilizes public, and private blockchain cloud architecture for network users.
Scalable architecture: AERGO's smart contract platform has the ability to scale with secured and decentralized blockchain technology.
Smart contract development: AERGO is an open-source hybrid blockchain smart contract platform that allows developers to code smart contracts with LUA(SQL).
Support for decentralized applications (DApps): AERGO supports the development and deployment of DApps.