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What does Addex Therapeutics do?
Addex Therapeutics (SIX:ADXN), (NASDAQ:ADXN) is a research-focused company dedicated to discovering and developing oral small molecule therapeutic agents. With a keen focus on allosteric modulators for neurological disorders, Addex's projects primarily revolve around innovative treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and other central nervous system (CNS) conditions. The company harnesses its proprietary discovery platform to uncover drugs with the potential to offer improved efficacy and safety profiles compared to existing options. Among its notable assets, Addex is actively advancing a diverse pipeline that includes its flagship programs targeting negative allosteric modulators (NAMs) of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) for the treatment of movement disorders and its GLP-1R program aimed at addressing metabolic disorders. The overarching objective of Addex is to contribute meaningful advancements in the CNS therapeutic area, striving to improve the lives of patients dealing with challenging neurological disorders.
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Health Care

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Geneva, Switzerland

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What does Addex Therapeutics specialise in?
/Drug Discovery /Allosteric Modulation /Dipraglurant Development /Therapeutic Research /Parkinson's Treatment /Pharmaceutical Innovation

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Overview of Addex Therapeutics offerings
Dipraglurant for Parkinson’s disease levodopa-induced dyskinesia, aiming to reduce involuntary movements.
ADX71149 targeting epilepsy, developed in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceuticals to manage seizures.
Allosteric modulators for GABA B receptor, designed for chronic pain treatment.
mGlu2 receptor potentiators, focusing on anxiety disorders to regulate neurotransmitter balance.
mGlu4 receptor agonists, exploring potential in Parkinson's disease therapy by enhancing motor control.
mGlu7 receptor allosteric modulators, under research for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

Who is in the executive team of Addex Therapeutics?

Addex Therapeutics leadership team
  • Mr. Timothy Mark Dyer
    Mr. Timothy Mark Dyer
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Dr. Roger G. Mills M.D.
    Dr. Roger G. Mills M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer & Director
  • Mr. Lénaic  Teyssédou
    Mr. Lénaic Teyssédou
    Head of Finance
  • Dr. Jean-Philippe  Rocher Ph.D.
    Dr. Jean-Philippe Rocher Ph.D.
    Head of Discovery - Chemistry
  • Dr. Robert  Lutjens
    Dr. Robert Lutjens
    Head of Discovery - Biology
  • Dr. Mikhail  Kalinichev Ph.D.
    Dr. Mikhail Kalinichev Ph.D.
    Head of Translational Science