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Adaptive Alpha Opportunities ETF (NYSEARCA:AGOX) seeks global capital appreciation through a diversified mix of ETFs, potentially individual stocks, and investment-grade bonds. Actively managed, the fund goes beyond traditional market capitalization by investing in equity securities across the globe, including emerging markets. AGOX offers the chance for growth but also carries inherent risks of stock funds. Its fees may be higher than passively managed ETFs due to the active management style.
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Alpharetta, United States

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/Investment Management /Equity Securities /Emerging Markets /Portfolio Diversification /Risk Management /Revenue Generation

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Actively Managed Global Investment Strategy: AGOX is actively managed by a team of investment professionals. They employ a strategy to invest in a diversified basket of assets across the globe, aiming to achieve capital appreciation for investors. This goes beyond simply tracking a particular index.
Focus on Capital Appreciation: The primary objective of AGOX is to deliver long-term capital appreciation for its shareholders. This means the fund seeks to grow the overall value of its holdings over time.
Global Exposure through ETFs and Potentially Individual Stocks: AGOX primarily invests in ETFs that cover a range of asset classes and markets worldwide. This can include developed and emerging markets. The fund might also invest directly in individual stocks to complement its ETF holdings and potentially enhance returns.
Diversification Across Asset Classes: By combining ETFs, potentially individual stocks, and potentially investment-grade bonds, AGOX offers diversification across asset classes. This aims to reduce risk by not being overly concentrated in any single asset type.