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What does ActivePort do?
ActivePort (ASX:ATV) is a technology company that provides advanced networking technology and software solutions. ActivePort is a leader in Orchestration technology, providing global network orchestration and cloud connectivity, including SD-WAN, NFV and Compute, for the Telecommunications and IT industry. The company's products and services enable network operators to automate and streamline their network management operations, and to provide their customers with self-service access to network services. ActivePort's customers include telecommunications companies, enterprise organisations, and government agencies. The company has a strong track record of growth, and is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for network orchestration and self-service ordering solutions.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for ActivePort?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was ActivePort founded?

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Year Founded
What does ActivePort specialise in?
/Network orchestration /Self-service ordering /Technology /Information technology /Communications /Software

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Overview of ActivePort offerings
ActivePort Network Orchestration Platform: provides a unified platform for managing all aspects of a network, including physical infrastructure, virtual networks, and network services. The ActivePort platform also includes a self-service ordering portal that allows customers to order and provision network services on demand.
SD-WAN: combined with ActivePort’s orchestration solution, it ensures seamless connectivity with live failover, bandwidth bonding, packet-based encryption, and load balancing. It is compatible with any x86 device, complemented by a chosen virtual firewall.

Who is in the executive team of ActivePort?

ActivePort leadership team
  • Mr. Peter Alister Charles Christie
    Mr. Peter Alister Charles Christie
    Executive Chairman & Interim CEO
  • Mr. Mark Scott Middleton
    Mr. Mark Scott Middleton
    CTO & Director
  • Mr. Steven  Norris
    Mr. Steven Norris
    Head of Global Sales
  • Ms. Kathryn  Soares
    Ms. Kathryn Soares
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Joseph Daniel Ohayon ACA, MBA Intl Bus.
    Mr. Joseph Daniel Ohayon ACA, MBA Intl Bus.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa  Jones
    Lisa Jones
    Marketing Manager
  • Mr. Jack Hugh Toby F.C.A., FCA, MACS
    Mr. Jack Hugh Toby F.C.A., FCA, MACS
    Company Secretary